In a nutshell:
I'm a 27 year old multimedia geek. I love creating websites, music and games. In particular the design and programming aspects interest me the most. From time to time I try to paint and create 3D art, with a professional focus on environment art. Apart from development and 3D, I'm also a music production enthusiast. I'm very passionate about creating my own tunes and sharing them with the world. I'm also very enthusiastic about usability and user experience. I like thinking about how users will surf through the website or play through the game and coming up with great designs that are very user friendly. I have 2 years working experience as a software test consultant. This means I know how to deliver quality products. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me!



These are some game user interface sheets I made for practise.
Software Used: Photoshop

An Italian alley I made in my spare time.
Used Software: Maya

A cartoony town I'm creating in my spare time. It will be fully handpainted in the future.
Used Software: 3DS Max

cartoony town

A stage I modelled as a school project.
Used software: 3DS Max

Minions I modeled for my exam of basic character modelling and a robot I made in my spare time.
Minions Used software: 3DS Max
Robot Used software: Maya

A blacksmith house I made in my spare time. It is fully handpainted by myself.
Software used: Maya, Photoshop, Marmoset Toolbag

A medieval environment I made in my spare time.
Used software: Maya, Photoshop, World machine, Unity3D, Marmoset Toolbag.